Surprise free book!

Well, a surprise to me, at least. Because I forgot that One Red Cent is FREE for a limited time! That’s right—you can grab a copy of this fun, action-packed short story in the Miranda Vaughn Mysteries series until Sunday, May 15. Get to know Sarah Girard, Miranda’s bestie and a kick-ass paralegal, as she tracks a reluctant witness.
Image of a book cover for One Red Cent, a Miranda Vaughn Mysteries short story. To catch a sneaky chef, Sarah must do the unthinkable—team up with a tall, smug, and all-too-handsome investigator. If they can't deliver their target to court, an innocent man could take the rap for arson. Free for a limited time on Amazon.
One Red Cent is free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, but until Sunday, it’s free for everyone! You can read it on your phone, computer, or tablet with the Kindle app. So don’t delay! Adventure and tacos are waiting!

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