Have you met Deb?

Today we're talking with my friend and critique partner, Debra Sennefelder! Debra's debut mystery, The Uninvited Corpse, was released this week and I am so excited for her. I've been waiting for this day for just about a month less than Debra because I had the good fortune to have read this book as she … Continue reading Have you met Deb?

Holiday chat, books and boozy drinks!

I'm chatting about the holidays, books, and boozy Christmas drinks over at the Cozy Mystery Book Review blog! Come over and comment for a chance to win an ebook copy of Chasing the Dollar! And get a recipe for Tom & Jerrys for free! It will keep you warm and bright!

End-of-summer treats

    I am really ready for fall, but I will sure miss the tomatoes. Farewell, caprese* salads. Until next year! * Yes, I realize that real caprese salad doesn't include balsamic vinegar, or even the extra delicious fig balsamic vinegar from Lucero in Northern California. But it's extra delicious, and you should try it. … Continue reading End-of-summer treats

On to Autumn

It really feels like autumn today -- cold, a little windy, overcast skies. So here's a little taste of summer to savor. I even make pumpkin puree today, which makes me sound so productive. It was the easiest thing I've ever made. You roast the pumpkin whole for like an hour, let it cool, then … Continue reading On to Autumn

The Chip Shot

The Chip Shot 1 ounce Tuaca (citrus-vanilla liquer) 1 ounce Bailey's Irish Creme Hot coffee Whipped cream Enjoy!   (Just because it's only Tuesday and I'm already thinking about liquor doesn't mean my week is going bad... No, wait. It does. It totally means that.)

The best … broccoli

I live with someone who could probably eat broccoli at every meal and never tire of it. I like the stuff, but I need a little more variety. Then I tried this recipe for the best broccoli ever. I used the romanesco broccoli from my CSA delivery, which was flavorful and fractal-shaped. This recipe is … Continue reading The best … broccoli